Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Having healthy, glowing skin is not oily; it is the dream of all women and men, because dull facial skin looks unhealthy and not maintained. Besides that, it also affects the level of confidence, right?

What treatments can keep your skin healthy and glowing? Here are some of the advices from an aesthetic doctor from one of the best beauty clinics in Surabaya.

1. Always protect your face with sunscreen

It turns out we always use sunscreen even though outside the weather is cloudy, because UVA and UVA still exist even when we are in the room. Make sure you don’t forget about your sunscreen after using skincare.

2. Diligently cleanse the face

Maintaining facial hygiene is no less important, especially after activity, sweating and dust sticking to the skin. Moreover, cleaning your face does not require a lot of time, so make it clean your face every day.

3. Sleep enough every day

When you lack of sleep, and often stay up late can cause your skin to become dull and acne. Make sure you sleep approximately 8 hours a day, for healthy and glowing skin.

4. Avoid oily foods

Oily food is the enemy of healthy skin, because it will make skin more oily. Imagine if your face is dull but oily? It will definitely look unkempt.

5. Routine doing facials

The last tip is to routinely do facials under the supervision of experts and doctors, facials help to remove dead skin cells and reduce clogged. Make sure you do facial treatment at the best beauty clinic you know.

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